Songwriter Sundays

With the new year, Lincoln’s Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso is reimagining how it presents shows.

Songwriters’ Sunday is a new event put on by the folks at The Meadowlark. After the doors close for regular business at 9pm, the lights are turned down, the espresso grinder is turned off (coffee, tea, and pastries still served), the chairs are arranged in a pleasing manner in front of the stage, and a night of singer/songwriter music ensues as the perfect cap to a weekend.

If you are an artist interested in a Songwriter Sunday performance, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us for more information.

August 2015

Bonehart Flannigan w/ Oedipus Tex
Sunday, August 2, 9:30 pm
Bonehart Flannigan. There may be no more fitting pseudonym in all the singer-songwriter pen names I’ve heard. First, it sounds a little silly rolling off the tongue, makes you giddy in some way. Same goes for a Bonehart Flannigan performance. While the songs may hurl themselves at heartbreak, murder and destitution, their exuberance and charm matches that of their composer. But back to the name: Bonehart Flannigan. There’s something boisterous about it. What sort of person has that name? Well, it’s whatever piece of Jon Dell writes the rip roaring folk that takes the stage with him at a Bonehart show. Whether it’s a motormouth homage to Dharma, the immortalized van of his other band Universe Contest or the wicked-sharp murder ballad “Mean Blade of Grass,” Bonehart music wears most of its emotions and intentions right there on its happy, dirty sleeve. Whatever the message may be, it’s absolutely exuded by a country rock voice and a speeding acoustic guitar. Life sucks, life is great. Bottoms up!”
Chance Solem-Pfeifer,

July 2015

Orion Walsh w/ Jordan-Morgan Landsdowne
Sunday, July 26, 9pm

June 2015

Anna Christensen w/ Elle Carpenter (Vermont)
Sunday, June 7, 9pm
Anna is a singer/songwriter and musician from Lincoln, Nebraska. Her EP is now available at

Originally from Vermont, Elle Carpenter has been singing as long as she’s been walking. She spent significant childhood years touring around the country with four siblings and her mother, performing and doing workshops at folk festivals, schools and other events.

At age 6 she recorded her first record, singing back-up as one of the “Wee-bops” of Central Vermont. Soon afterwards she recorded another album with a folk group called the Fiddleheads. From age 10 to 16 Elle toured with world/folk music group Village Harmony, traveling around the USA, UK, Canada, Denmark and Germany. In 2009 (after recording and releasing her first solo album “The Best”) she was flown to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to perform at the White Palace Convention Center for a month.

Elle has been touring the USA since 2010, having released two additional rock albums: “With Open Hands” (November 2011) and “Simple Girl” (January 2014).

Elle is proud to have a new album coming out in May 2015: this next album is a true reflection of the diversity she has experienced in her life as a musician. Titled “Life Just Happens To You,” this acoustic folk/rock/country compilation is Elle’s first step into the world of Americana.

“Many people have told me there is a RIGHT way of doing things in the music business. Well I don’t believe that’s true. I write in as many genres as possible, not always intentionally but because I believe that only by using all our influences can we make sense of the world we live in. This applies to music and to progress. As a young child I was greatly affected by the arts and also encouraged to mix creativity with hard work and self-motivation. I use music as my form of expression in the hopes that I can touch other people and change their lives.”

Blake Byrd Band (Dallas)
Sunday, June 14, 9pm
The Blake Byrd Band is an Indie/Alternative/Pop group based out of Dallas Texas. With their Debut Record Wherever You Are Now recently released and available for free on Spotify, they joined the Indie On Air Records Team and began Turning heads at Festivals such as ACL and SXSW, and playing at popular venues like Six Flags Over Texas. The Blake Byrd Band is taking the ordinary Indie/Pop slapping some funk on to it, and leaving it in your head for days to come!

Mary Scholz (Los Angeles)
Sunday, June 21, 9pm
Born in Havertown, PA and currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Singer/Songwriter Mary Scholz’s music is sweeping the nation with its heartfelt melodies and lyrics. Mary’s voice resonates with a clarity and emotion that engages her listeners from the first note. Singing since the age of four and writing since the age of fourteen, Mary’s music is a blend of lyric folk & pop/rock with a bittersweet twist that puts her in a category of her own.

What interests people and draws them in is the clear, warm, lyrical style of Mary’s voice. Self-accompanied on guitar and piano, her voice is what she always claims as her main instrument and one she understands and owns with pride. Vocally and musically, Mary is frequently compared to Carole King, Alison Krauss, NorahJones, Amy Grant and the Indigo Girls.

On the stage, Mary communicates as if she’s sitting having coffee with you – connecting with her audience with an ease that has people feeling as if they’ve known her for years and reminds everyone that there is no separation between us. Just two people sharing stories, and that’s exactly what her songs are: Stories of life, love, loss and hope.

Mary has spent the past eight years touring the country in her Mazda 3 with nothing but a guitar and a tip jar, performing at coffee shops, music venues, & large festivals. She spent these tours promoting her three independently produced and released EPs and Live Album, all released on her own indie record label, Ringlet Records. In 2014 Mary released her first full-length album, The Girl You Thought You Knew.

Orion Walsh
Sunday, June 28, 9pm

May 2015

Mitch Gettman w/ Nick Gerken
Sunday, May 10, 9pm
Catch a part of the Mitch Gettman Midwest Tour and come see Omaha’s award winning (Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award: Best Singer/Songwriter – 2014) perform an acoustic set of original songs. w/ Nick Nerk Gerken.
Gettman is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Lawrence, KS. He has been writing and recording since the age of 13 and has now released two albums and two EPs. Gettman currently resides outside of Lawrence, KS where he creates masterful concoctions of food and walks a dog around named Ella. He is also reported to be working on his third album.

Semrad/Günter Spaceship Show (Mike Semrad of the Bottle Tops & Günter Vōelker of Jack Hotel)
Sunday, May 17, 9pm
This rare evening of music will highlight Michael Semrad’s brand new solo-record being released on Sower Records in the fall of 2015. Joining Semrad will be fellow label-mate and guitar extraordinaire, Günter Võelker. The venue only holds 70, so mark your calendars now and get there early.

Lars & Mal w/ Summerglen (Raleigh, NC)
Sunday, May 31, 9pm
we are lars & mal. we have cool style and nice pipes. for the moment, our music is a sweet and sassy blend of simple, rhythmic guitar and layered vocal harmonies. we draw inspiration from folk, roots and soul music but there is definitely a strong pop element to our sound. lars & mal have been performing together in some capacity for something like 8 years. our long friendship makes the music come easy. sometimes it just feels right, y’know? Members: lars, mal, chels, ricky, adam.

What happens when a trombone meets a marimba? You get Summerglen – positive, peaceful, and heartfelt music! Summerglen, the world’s only trombone and marimba duo, is dedicated to bringing positive energy and creative original music into people’s lives. With a sound that listeners describe as “magical”, “hypnotic”, and “enchanting”, Summerglen transports audiences to a serene and tranquil place during every performance.

Summerglen is trombonist Christina Thompson and percussionist Andrew Munger. Both Christina and Andrew are classically-trained musicians with over 20 years of experience, who have enjoyed fruitful careers as freelance and symphony musicians in the Raleigh, NC area. Despite their success with interpreting other people’s music, Christina and Andrew have always longed to express themselves through their own musical creations.

Starting in 2006, the pair began experimenting with ways to draw the beauty out of their unique combination of instruments, and gradually integrated the trombone/marimba format into their freelance work. In April of 2012, Christina and Andrew performed their first all-original show, and Summerglen was born! Today, Summerglen has completed its first nationwide tour, and is on a mission to continue sharing its distinctive musical flavor with listeners around the world.

April 2015

La Musa Confusa w/ Minor Birds (Oakland)
Sunday, April 5, 9pm

Jack Hotel w/ Miniature Horse
Sunday, April 12, 9pm

Evan Bartels w/ Joe Stevens (Sacramento)
Sunday, April 19, 9pm

March 2015

I Forgot To Love My Father w/ blét
Sunday, March 1, 9pm

Little Marais w/ The Tinder Box
Sunday, March 8, 9pm

Purple Hays w/ Risky Clique
Sunday, March 15, 9pm

All Young Girls are Machine Guns w/ Mesonjixx
Sunday, March 22, 9pm

SAS w/ Steven DeLair
Sunday, March 29, 9pm

February 2015

Finding Muluneh Fundraiser w/ La Musa Confusa, The Silver Rabbit, Crow Moses (Chicago), Miniature Horse, Mesonjixx

Sunday, February 1
Doors 9:00pm Music 9:30pm

Kerry Eddy and The Current Situation w/ Scott Severin

Sunday, February 8
Doors 9:00pm Music 9:30pm

Hana Zara w/ Paul Doffing (Ames)

Sunday, February 15
Doors 9:00pm Music 9:30pm

The Wildwoods w/ The Prairie Creek Ramblers

Sunday, February 22
Doors 9:00pm Music 9:30pm

January 2015

Will Hutchinson Band Debut w/ Xion

Sunday, January 11

Will Hutchinson performs with full-band at an intimate Songwriters’ Sunday at Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso. The talented Xion opens the show!

Show sponsored by KZUM 89.3FM Lincoln, NE

Show Details:
Sunday January 11th, 2015
Doors 9:00pm Music 9:30pm
$8 in advance
$10 at the door

Pre-sale tickets available here

JD Powers

Sunday, January 18
Doors 9:00pm Music 9:30pm
$5 at the door
More about JD at

Father, Misty and the Big Rock w/ Orion Walsh

Sunday, January 25
Doors 9:00pm Music 9:30pm