March 2014 Artists

Exhibition of: Displayed Expressions

A show of expressions based on perception and experience is presented by artists Joseph Vance and Deniz Nesrin. These two professional artists take a moment to share their personal collection of expressions to the viewing audience at Meadowlark.

Nesrin is a tourist of life’s experience. She has accepted her calling to live every moment as a new experience and documents many of them for the better or worse memory of that instant. She shares these experiences through photography and painting, drawing her audience into the moment and sharing her emotion through expression.

Joseph is a prolific artist of concepts and passions that sometimes disturb, other times entice and always intrigue his audience. Where there is form, there is detail, and many times the details go unnoticed by the casual observer, but studied by the individuals that choose to look at more than a first glance.

Please enjoy a moment to take in the works of these two. Their visual effects boutique can be reviewed at for more insight of their professional career in the art world.