Chad Alan Madson
August 2016 Artist

Here is his self-provided artist profile:

My name is Chad Alan Madson.  With my strong passion for art, developing skills with the camera by watching youtube tutorials, I have been able to broaden my expertise in the field of photography.   Since I have control over just one arm, I use a custom made tripod for my camera that attaches to my powerchair.  This invention truly allows me to have full access to my camera settings independently.  I use the pen name Chaxl.  I’ve enjoyed this experience for the past nine years, but just recently  have started displaying at coffeeshops and other art-affiliated  places.  My passion for photography just grows stronger each year.

I want to briefly explain why photography means so much to me.  I believe that  photography is the true pictorial evidence of the past; therefore I call it still  memories. Thanks to that little square gadget we call a camera,  these memories  will last a lifetime.

To me, what happens behind the lens is as important as the actual photograph itself.  I remember certain things and conversations I had with friends and family at my side that day which make each photo that more special.

Although photo editing has taken a significant leap in the world of photography, I do very little of it and only brighten, sharpen my photos a long with making them more vibrant.  Photo editing is a very unique technique.  The people who do it are extremely talented and create some outstanding digitally re-mastered pieces. However, since behind the scenes is very important to me, I don’t care about creating a new look or adding new subjects to a photo I’ve already taken. Since photographs hold the past, that’s what I want to remember; the magnificence as well as the imperfections.

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